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Signals #02 Dayana Lucas

  “Sings and Bleeds” Dayana Lucas 50x65cm, sumi-e paper 80gsm, dragon’s blood ink and brush photo © Dinis Santos These two drawings were made last year with “dragon’s blood”, the inner liquid of an endemic tree called “Dragoeiro” (Dracaena Draco*) of Macaronésia region (Madeira, Açores, Canarias and Cabo Verde). This inner…

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'Expanded' by Nicole Lenzi

My interest in non-traditional drawing began in an undergraduate course called Experimental Drawing and continued through graduate school. The blog Expanded is dedicated to presenting diverse drawing practices happening around the region that I live, Baltimore/Washington D.C.; country (United States), and world. It is a framework for consideration of what…

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'道' by Kazuki Nakahara

Cheers! I am currently doing a residency at a printmaking workshop in a small village near Leipzig. When I heard of the concept of “Drawing Tube”, I imagined a well-ventilated thing that I could peek into at either end or from various ends. It is the circumstance that information flows…