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Day Drawing by Sohei Nishino

Day Drawing- January.11.2015.Johannesburg © Sohei Nishino

Having been working on the series “Diorama Map” for past 13 years and walking around the cities, I gradually realized that to be a city from one place within a long elapsed time, various elements have been passing by and with the piles of organic human’s walk, cities have been composed and created.

Making Diorama Map of San Francisco 2016 from Sohei Nishino

I become to be interested in human’s movement which is very primordial act from ancient times. For the works called, “Day Drawing” I am focusing on the act of my personal every day life’s movement as one of these enormous acts of human’s movement.

Since 2014, I have been recording the data of my dairy movement with GPS. For “Day Drawing” series, I pick up different date and locations from everyday records from past two years, then I open the small enormous halls over the paper which I traced over according to the GPS line.

Day Drawing- process © Sohei Nishino

After that, I bring the paper in the dark room and expose the light from the backside of the paper to photograph the light which is coming through the halls. By observing the earth and myself from the GPS data which is very objective and transcendent point of view as God in ancient times, I try to visualize my physical act as single form of line.

Day Drawing- process © Sohei Nishino
Day Drawing- contact sheet © Sohei Nishino

Each of these enormous lights which compose the lines appeared in the photograph reflects the every moments of my act of movement and accumulation of my steps in one day. By visualizing and abstracting the act of my dairy movement as single line, I convert the personal physical movement into the universal visual form. These lines, which can only be recognized from the objective data of GPS signifies my act of drawing on the earth.

Day Drawing- installation view at SF MoMA  2016 © Sohei Nishino

Sohei Nishino
Born in Hyogo in 1982.
Currently lives and works in Kanagawa and Shizuoka Japan. The main exhibition of recent years include: 2012 OUT OF FOCUS: PHOTOGRAPHY (Saatchi Gallery, London), 2013 A Different Kind of Order (The ICP Triennial, New York), 2015 NEW DIORAMAS (Michael Hoppen Gallery, London)and more. In 2016 his solo Exhibition was held at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SFMOMA).