Artwork+Text Essay Wall Posts Signals

Signals #01 Kazuki Nakahara

“Ernst(Serious)“ said German Chancellor Angela Merkel at the beginning of her speech on 18 March 2020. And then she told the public that we had to be considerate each other, referring to the public’s position. Minister of Culture Grütters told that “the power of art and culture is necessary.” and then realized a grant called Instant packages to free traders and artists.
The next day was sunny. As usual, all three of us in the family went shopping in the neighborhood supermarket ”NETTO”, and on the way back home, a family with twins and one daughter was out in the sun. The expression of husband was bright, and his wife and dancer Lisa waved vigorously from the balcony on the 5th floor.
I would like to find out my consideration for caring each others, kindness, and their significance little by little. The picture shows my calligraphy ”無一物“* and “apple tree” by my wife after the Lockdawn was decided in Berlin. 10.4.2020

*all things are essentially nothingness