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Signals #11 Yvonne Andreini

Yvonne Andreini, Lemons in the snow, 2020, 140x100cm,oil and ink on canvas


When lemons lay in the snow

and time passes through the same spaces

day by day

Looking at things in a different way

Less space, more attention

Essential mind maps show up like drawings


Waiting for the sun to raise again

but outside there are lemons laying in the snow

Perception changed like a zoom into my days

Bodies moving in the same space

I hide in the shadows watching him like a lion

locked in the jungle of our home


Yvonne Andreini (Rome, 1985)

artist and curator, lives and works in Berlin.
She studied Art at the Berlin Weißensee School of Art.
Her most recent work, a series of drawings and paintings titled Nature Vive(Living nature), questions reflects the relationship between human and nature. Fruits and plants become active protagonists and thereby her work transcends the still life genre. More than mere passive depictions of nature, her paintings capture life vibrating through leaves, seeds and flowers. “I like to see plants as a symbol for the passion and sexual energy. They are more than decorations for our homes either thriving or dying depending on how we take care of them”, the artist says.
Alongside her artistic practice, Andreini is the initiator and organizer of several projects combining visual art, performance and music. In 2007 she founded “Lynar 4”, a project space in Berlin Wedding. In 2010, she organized and curated together with Other Artists the exhibition “Everybody learns from disasters” with more than 40 artists at the Villa Elisabeth in Berlin. In 2015 she founded the project space “pianoalto” an art platform for connecting people and ideas. Every two months she invited artists to create site specific exhibitions and hosted cultural evenings with a curated group of guests. In 2017 she founded and realized IN/SU/LA, an art festival that will take place every two years on Ventotene an island in Italy. The festival is accompanied by an exhibition in January 2019 at the gallery Parterre in Berlin. Seventy works on paper by the seven participating artists reflect their joint experience at the festival.

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Instagram : @yvonneandreini

Lemons in the snow, March 2020
oh.boy, April, 2020
oh.boy 2020, 120x100cm, oil and ink on canvas