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Signals#15 Sandro Crisafi

Untitled#43, 2020, black ink pen and charcoal on paper, 29,7 x 21cm, © Sandro Crisafi


Even though this exceptional situation has been affecting the whole world, I got the feeling that it is not affecting my approach towards drawing. My attitude to art has always been characterized by isolation. As Agnes Martin once said “I paint with my back to the world”: I feel exactly the same, and try to depart from what is going on around me. Contrary to most people, the lockdown has thus affected me in positive terms. I have more time to spend on my artworks, time to create new pieces and reflect upon those that have been lying for long in my archive. Made in a simple A4 format with black ink pen and charcoal in 2015, this work hasn’t re-emerged by chance. Its multiple lines, which appear to repeat themselves nearly all the same along the paper, are in reality the manifestation of a slow rhythm. It is the rhythm I had always been craving for, that which best describe my present days: they may look all the same but, precisely because of this, allow me to embrace my own tempo.

Sandro Crisafi

Sandro Crisafi lives and works in London as a visual artist working across the art of photography and drawing. He studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna and graduated in 2007 with a thesis in camera-less photography. His work includes several projects done without use of camera and only use of drawings and chemicals. They all document his fascination of the materiality of photography and the craftsmanship of developing his own prints in the dark room.

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Blows #05, 2019, unique gelatin silver print, 20x30cm, © Sandro Crisafi