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In the spring of 2020, Drawing Tube launched “Signals” in collaboration with artists working in different environments all over the world. It was interested in exploring what artists were thinking during the pandemic. Artists were encouraged to contribute small visual and textual fragments from their daily life that materialized from…

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https://drawingorchestra.org/ TOKYO CANAL LINKS 2021 “Drawing Orchestra featuring Abdelkader Benchamma” March 12 (Fri) 2021 19:30 – 21:00 Venue: TERRADA ART COMPLEX Ⅱ 4F Drawers :Hiraku Suzuki,Daijiro Ohara,Abdelkader Benchamma,Kasetsu,Akiko Nakayama,Sohei Nishino,Mineki Murata,Yang02, NAZE(special guest) Visual technical support : Tomoya Kishimoto Sound design :Toshihiko Kasai An online drawing session spun simultaneously from pens…

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Signals#21 Utako Shindo

Untitled (from winter sutra) And finally Judith had won  The truth is disclosed  like the phases of the moon  in the shaded watercolor One drawn line and another attempt to capture that Ma space-time unforgettable / before dawning towards evening / Almost two years ago Lady on a mesa  whose name has ‘light’ spoke about…