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The sign of line – Ronald Noorman

untitled, gouache/pencil on paper, 32x24cm, 1994, Excerpt fromRonald Noorman, Tekeningen,Drwaings, Zeichnungen”, page96


It had been snowing all night long. The track of the snow grouse that had crossed the plains the day before had been erased. Why the bird had come to this place and wandered around here was not clear. Had the animal been born here and returned out of loyalty, or was it a first time visitor, venturing out into new areas? It was imaginable that the adult grouse, a male, had come to inspect the spot because he could tell by the lengthening of the days that it would not be long before the snow would melt. Birds that do not start selecting a feeding and breeding spot until the last snow has melted are too late. Suddenly the grouse left, startled by cracking ice in the frozen fjord further down. A ten centimetre wide and hundreds metre long crevasse was the only reminder of its departure.

Ronald Noorman, Tekeningen,Drwaings, Zeichnungen, “Land-stealing” Tijs Goldschmidt, Excerpt from page12

untitled, charcoal, pencil on Paper, 22 x 15 cm, 2014, Excerpt from “Zeichnung der GegenwartⅡ,Arbeitsheft,Galerie Parterre Berlin”, page84
untitled, charcoal on paper, 21×29,7cm, 2001, Excerpt fromRonald Noorman, Tekeningen,Drwaings, Zeichnungen”, page87
untitled(M/D), charcoal on paper, 32x24cm, 1994, Excerpt fromRonald Noorman, Tekeningen,Drwaings, Zeichnungen”, page187


I could see traces of the author’s observations and thoughts, no matter how small a piece of paper, and a faint line drawn by an abraded pencil, when I saw the work of Noorman. It may not be a big matter that the line is very important in specifically recognizing the contour of something or whether it has functionality or not. The line is the reminder of the author’s life itself and I still felt his indication from the line.


Exhibtion view in the Gallery Parterre, Berlin 2018, “Zeichnung der Gegenwart Ⅱ”© Kazuki Nakahara


Ronald Noorman

*1951 born in Hilversum(NL)
1974-1978 he studied Gerrit Rietveld Academie, Amsterdam (NL)
since 1991 Exhibitions in Netherlands,Germany, Bergium.
2018 died in Amsterdam

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