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Signals #03 Tommaso Gorla

“The Modern Dance”, pencil on paper, 21x29cm, 2020, photo © Tommaso Gorla

“The Modern Dance” Tommaso Gorla

This drawing is called “The Modern Dance” and I have just named it so.
Firstly, because amongst the books I’m reading throughout self-isolation is William Gibson’s “Virtual Light”, and this is the name of one of the chapters. And secondly because, to me, it does bring to mind a dance. A dance that is modern, yet gentle and obscure. I see it as fitting here. The movement of the hand is free, yet ultimately enclosed, as if it were the necessary reflection of the body’s limited wandering.It spins on itself as if following hidden mandatory patterns; it is a vortex, but a frail one, that keeps searching for its own schema. I wonder, what is solo-dancing, if not a brief moment of self-isolation?” 4.5.2020

Tommaso Gorla
He is an Italian artist and researcher with an interdisciplinary approach to the Visual Arts. He holds a PhD in Anthropology from the Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales, Paris and is currently a member of LAS – Laboratoire d’Anthropologie Sociale, France. He is founder and chief editor of the visual culture journal Anima Loci, as well as founding member and curator for El Cocuy Projects, an itinerant curatorial project focused on contemporary music and sound art. His interests mainly revolve around topics of image agency and psychology of perception, which he explores through a variety of means, in particular drawing. He accompanies his artistic practice with theoretical research and curatorial activities that include talks, publications and exhibitions. He lives somewhere in Northern Italy.