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Signals #08 Dy Tagowska

  The present state is a kind of blessing to me. I protest against naming what was previously as “normality”. The formulas of the economy of growth and capitalism itself have been depleted. I miss travelling a little bit, remembering that tourism is also part of over-exploitation. The Pyramids or…

Diana Sprenger and Euan Williams
Artwork+Text Essay Wall Posts Signals

Signals #07 Diana Sprenger and Euan Williams

  “Airborne Project” Diana Sprenger and Euan Williams The uncanny feeling when seeing a floating object. A stasis. A stillness that gets caught in the air. Serendipity of movement. Connecting in an optimistic act. A reaching out without touching. Gratitude to the participation. Viewing and thinking is taking part.  …

Artwork+Text Essay Wall Posts Signals

Signals #06 Ram Samocha

“Energy Balls series, Ball No. 7, Apr 2020.” Ram Samocha The Energy Balls drawing series began last winter, as I was exploring different ways to keep being creative, other than working in my own cold studio. I was thinking of creating in my cozy room, near my computer, a new…

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Drawing Orchestra

 Drawing Orchestra Performers: Hiraku Suzuki, Daijiro Ohara, Naha Kanie, Sohei Nishino, Saori Hala, Mineki Murata, Yang02, BIEN February 2(Sun) 2020 15:00-16:30 Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo Auditorium Filming and editing: Yoi Suzuki “Drawing Orchestra” was invented by Hiraku Suzuki and Daijiro Ohara. Eight performers from different backgrounds such as…

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Drawing Tube vol.04

 Drawing Tube Vol. 4 – Sohei Nishino x GAP students from Hiraku Suzuki 鈴木ヒラク on Vimeo. Drawing Tube vol.04 Sohei Nishino x GAP students Date: May 31, 2019 (Fri) 15:00 – 18:00 Venue: Hiraku Suzuki Studio (Tokyo) Sohei Nishino, a photographer / artist, was invited to Hiraku Suzuki’s Studio (Tokyo)…

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Drawing Tube vol.03

Drawing Tube vol.03 Abdelkader Benchamma x Hiraku Suzuki Drawing+Talk Date: 2017-11-12(Sunday) Venue: Tokyo Arts and Space Residency Abdelkader Benchamma, one of the world’s leading artists in contemporary drawing scene will have an experimental dialogue “Drawing Tube” with Hiraku Suzuki who explores and seeks to expand the realm of drawing. Abdelkader Benchamma…

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Drawing Tube vol.02

Drawing Tube vol.02 Zon Ito, Hiraku Suzuki Drawing and Talk “drawing a book” Date: 2016-9-17 (Saturday) Venue:TOKYO ART BOOK FAIR Zon Ito is known for his stitch works that seem to illustrate fragmented lines that represent the memories and history of animals, plants, and natural light, which he uses as motifs…

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Drawing Tube vol.01

Drawing Tube vol.01 Hiraku Suzuki Drawing Performance Guest: Gozo Yoshimasu Date: 2016-9-4(Sunday) Venue:Tōhoku University of Art & Design Yamagata Biennale 2016 The first event of Hiraku Suzuki’s new project, “Drawing Tube”, welcomes guest poet Gozo Yoshimasu. The two artists will undertake an improvised performance with a theme that casts them into…

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Drawing Tube vol.00

Drawing Tube vol.00 Presenter: Hiraku Suzuki (Artist) Guest: Kyohei Sakaguchi (Writer, Architect, Musician, Painter, PM of the new government, Activist for eradication of suicide) Date: 2016-8-16 (Friday) Venue:Shimauma Launch event for “Drawing Tube”, a new project by Hiraku Suzuki, an artist who continues to expand the field of drawing, active both…