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Drawing Orchestra


“Drawing Orchestra featuring Abdelkader Benchamma”
March 12 (Fri) 2021 19:30 – 21:00

Drawers :Hiraku Suzuki,Daijiro Ohara,Abdelkader Benchamma,Kasetsu,Akiko Nakayama,Sohei Nishino,Mineki Murata,Yang02, NAZE(special guest)

Visual technical support : Tomoya Kishimoto
Sound design :Toshihiko Kasai

An online drawing session spun simultaneously from pens in Japan and France

TOKYO CANAL LINKS is an art project that aims to connect the history and culture of the capital through its canals, to serve as a bridge between Tokyo as a Japanese city, and as a global metropolis. On this occasion, TOKYO CANAL LINKS is proud to present “Drawing Orchestra featuring Abdelkader Benchamma.”

“Drawing Orchestra” is a drawing session project conceived by artist Hiraku Suzuki and designer Daijiro Ohara, with the first session being held on February 2, 2020, at the Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo. Eight “drawers” from backgrounds spanning drawing and typography to poetry, photography, dance, performance, graffiti and digital media took part in a spectacular attempt to carve out a collaborative space via the acts of drawing, writing, scratching, cracking and tracing lines that elicited an enthusiastic response across arts genres.

This second “Drawing Orchestra” will welcome via visual link French-Algerian artist Abdelkader Benchamma, a longtime collaborator of Hiraku Suzuki’s, as guest for a special “transnational” drawing session. Benchamma’s black and white line drawings evoking dynamic natural phenomena have earned him a prominent place on the international contemporary drawing scene. On the Japanese side meanwhile are a team of five : Benchamma’s ally Hiraku Suzuki, plus Daijiro Ohara, Sohei Nishino, Mineki Murata, and Yang02, all of whom took part in the previous session and now participating in a new experiment, with help from two spirited guest artists : calligrapher Kasetsu, and “alive painter” Akiko Nakayama.

The lines generated by these eight “drawers” will meet, overlap and draw each other out via video and sound. In today’s world of stark divisions, how will the lines connect, and what kind of new co-creation arise, beyond geographical distance and subjective individuality? Don’t miss this grand experiment to be conducted online and offline simultaneously.

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