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Drawing Orchestra TOKYO CANAL LINKS 2021 “Drawing Orchestra featuring Abdelkader Benchamma” March 12 (Fri) 2021 19:30 – 21:00 Venue: TERRADA ART COMPLEX Ⅱ 4F Drawers :Hiraku Suzuki,Daijiro Ohara,Abdelkader Benchamma,Kasetsu,Akiko Nakayama,Sohei Nishino,Mineki Murata,Yang02, NAZE(special guest) Visual technical support : Tomoya Kishimoto Sound design :Toshihiko Kasai An online drawing session spun simultaneously from pens…

Artwork+Text Essay Wall Posts Signals

Signals#28 Nicole Lenzi

My art questions what a drawing is. I have been blogging about expanded drawing practices for years. After so many posts, I began to see drawings emerge all around me.  Shadows were of particular interest. I began to document these temporal drawings on my iPhone, eventually calling them Sight Drawings. It felt important that…

Artwork+Text Essay Wall Posts Signals

Signals#18 Gary Warner

an exploratory exercise with my first-year drawing students at the National Art School in Sydney… outdoors, at a long narrow bitumen-surfaced circulation space between buildings on campus, students were asked to each select a socially-distanced location – their instruction was to stay on that spot and spend time drawing lines…