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Signals#29 Noriko Ambe

The first cut, 2021, cut on synthetic paper (work in progress) © Noriko Ambe

After becoming aware of the viewpoint of an “empty self,” in 1999, I began the line-works series by cutting or drawing. The action is simple, and the subtle natural distortions convey the nuances of human emotion, habits, or biorhythm. Because of this, I made sure that all works are made by hand.

For me, lines with divided positive and negative shapes are like a medium to reproduce the order of the universe; which serve to connect to the whole spectrum of things. There is a part of me that is an individual and a part of me that is simply one human being in the natural world, but these lines connect us as we are with the surrounding natural world.

Through this pandemic situation, now we are facing the turning point of the energy body, I now witness the philosophical transformation of nature (as Physis), some form of truth emerges – and it is this truth that I want to pursue.

Noriko Ambe

She started in 1999, by using paper, “Linear-Actions Project Cutting / Drawing.” In her works, Ambe draws numerous lines or individually cuts and stacks hundreds and thousands of sheets of paper to create an original topography; trying to embody the synchronicity between humans, time and nature. Also since in 2018, she began a new body of work combining organic and geometric shapes titled “Parallel World.” These pieces continue to be hand-cut and densely layered, aiming to achieve a true balance in abstraction.

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It’s written, 2020, Cut on synthetic paper, glue © Noriko Ambe
White into black, 2018, Cut on paper, glue © Noriko Ambe