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Signals#26 Monika Grzymala

©Monika Grzymala, Suminagashi, Studio, May 2021

Last year my world has shrunken due to the global pandemic. Living in lockdown and not being able to travel for my work in other parts of the world an abrupt break and change of speed. Projects were postponed and cancelled. I had many quiet days in the studio. Everything has changed and nothing. Everything was uncertain, as it ever was and always will be. The only certainty is that constant state of transformation. In my art too, it is what it is.

I learned to make floating ink drawings, an old method of marbling paper called Suminagashi. The pile of drawings grows day by day, like a sediment it is layering my time and existence. The paper is about A4 size, nearly the dimensions of my face. When I bow down to catch the streaks and flows, my face is mirrored in the water and lines of ink. And there it is again. That moment of breathing together with everything, being one and many. My view wanders towards changing landscapes like looking through the airplane window on my way to somewhere else. I see oceans, rivers and flows, fields of clouds and galaxies of stars and am traveling again.

Berlin, 28. May 2021

Monika Grzymala

Monika Grzymala(*1970 lives in Berlin Germany) is a contemporary sculptor, drawing and installation artist with focus on spatial drawing and architectural intervention. Her tape installations were shown in numerous galleries and museums around the world. Most of the ephemeral installations inhabit a space for a limited time and root in spontaneous gestures and movements in the process of making the piece. In her studio she likes to spend time with other forms of articulation like floating ink drawings (Suminagashi), sketches on paper, video and animation. Besides making art she also loves long walks in nature.

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©Monika Grzymala, Suminagashi, May 2021
©Monika Grzymala, Suminagashi, May 2021
©Monika Grzymala, Studio Berlin, May 2021