Artwork+Text Essay Wall Posts Signals

Signals#27 Giulia Cacciuttolo

Dentro#1, Photography, 2020©Giulia Cacciuttolo

The last fourteen months and the consequent, almost constant reclusion in either my house or my studio, forced me and gave me the time to notice, even more than before, the mundane.

Small domestic details that would usually go unnoticed caught my attention: time and light, new companions of mine, drew ungraspable lines that were so quiet and yet never settled, reminding me of the silent nature of daily things.

I felt the urge to fix them, to record these moments somehow, to abstract them from the passing of time. I then let the light draw them onto my film, as a memento of what has been found and shall never be disregarded again.

Giulia Cacciuttolo

born in Rome, currently lives and works in London. She holds two Master’s Degrees, one in Painting from Wimbledon College (London) and one in Fine Art from Central Saint Martins (London). She  has been nominated for and won several awards – Delphian Open Call 2018, Mona Hatoum Bursary and the MiAL&METRO Mentorship among others – and in 2019 she has been awarded a major commission from DLA Piper UK for their new London headquarter. Between 2019 and 2020, she has been part of the Tate Exchange Labs in Tate Modern in collaboration with Central Saint Martins, she took part to the Masterclass in Residence “DEFAULT19” by Ramdom (Gagliano del Capo), she was AA2A Project’s Artist-in-Residence at the University of Hertfordshire and at the Copper Leg Art Residency in Tallinn (EE). She has several exhibitions planned across Europe for the near future and an upcoming solo show at Sottofondostudio, Arezzo.

Dentro#2, Photography, 2020©Giulia Cacciuttolo
Dentro#3, Photography, 2020©Giulia Cacciuttolo