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Drawing Orchestra

https://drawingorchestra.org/ TOKYO CANAL LINKS 2021 “Drawing Orchestra featuring Abdelkader Benchamma” March 12 (Fri) 2021 19:30 – 21:00 Venue: TERRADA ART COMPLEX Ⅱ 4F Drawers :Hiraku Suzuki,Daijiro Ohara,Abdelkader Benchamma,Kasetsu,Akiko Nakayama,Sohei Nishino,Mineki Murata,Yang02, NAZE(special guest) Visual technical support : Tomoya Kishimoto Sound design :Toshihiko Kasai An online drawing session spun simultaneously from pens…

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Drawing Orchestra

 Drawing Orchestra Performers: Hiraku Suzuki, Daijiro Ohara, Naha Kanie, Sohei Nishino, Saori Hala, Mineki Murata, Yang02, BIEN February 2(Sun) 2020 15:00-16:30 Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo Auditorium Filming and editing: Yoi Suzuki “Drawing Orchestra” was invented by Hiraku Suzuki and Daijiro Ohara. Eight performers from different backgrounds such as…