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Signals #06 Ram Samocha

” Energy Balls series, Ball No. 7, Apr 2020 “. Fineline ink marker on paper, 15x15cm

“Energy Balls series, Ball No. 7, Apr 2020.” Ram Samocha

The Energy Balls drawing series began last winter, as I was exploring different ways to keep being creative, other than working in my own cold studio. I was thinking of creating in my cozy room, near my computer, a new group of small drawings. I wanted to fill them with strong energy like I would do in large-scale works. I set a few basic rules for this series – the size will always be 15 by 15 cm, the drawing tool will be ink marker, and the shapes will be made with the use of a circle template.

I started drawing my latest Energy Ball (no.7) just before the lockdown started, thinking of having three round shapes in it. But as the situation with the Coronavirus got more complicated and confused, the image also started to build up, and proceeded to constantly change as though it had its own life. I really have no idea now how my next Energy Ball image will look.

Ram Samocha
Ram Samocha is an Israeli-born artist and curator, presently resides in Brighton, UK. Samocha’s work combines drawing with video, installation, and live performance. Samocha often mixes modern and traditional drawing techniques while searching for new ways to combine between different dimensions.

Ram Samocha is also the founder and artistic director of Draw to Perform, an international community for drawing performance practice. Since 2013 Draw to Perform organizing international symposiums and festivals, work with and support emerging and established artists, hold various events, collaborations with art institutions, and run educational residencies and workshops.

Energy Balls No. 7 (work in progress), Mar-Apr 2020
Fineline ink marker on paper, 15x15cm