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Signals#24 Jana Cordenier

Untitled, 2020, Watercolor on paper, 150 x 306 cm ©Jana Cordenier

Observing nature is not only about seeing your surroundings but also about experiencing them, or being immersed in them. You feel the wind and the sun, smell the rosemary and thyme, hear the cicadas, you can touch the leaves and flowers. Some leaves appear very close, others at a distance. Everything around you is moving, and so is the moment.

Works become part of that observation when the paper is put directly on the ground. The surface stays wobbly and uncontrolled because of the plants and stones underneath it. When the canvas is stretched, spots appear and lines are continuing unexpectedly.

Jana Cordenier

Jana Cordenier Born in 1989, Belgium. Jana Cordenier walks slowly through nature. Her walk is intimate and fluid. Just so she touches the canvas gently, drawing nature and then sewing it. Colours appear light in her paintings, light in mass and experience.
Enjoy the walk through the online exhibition “Watercolours” at Galerie Michael Janssen, when isolation provided an opportunity to look inward.
online exhibition “ Watercolours”

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Untitled, 2020, Watercolor on paper, 150 x 306 cm ©Jana Cordenier