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Antennae – Drawing Tube


Drawing Tube is an international platform for alternative research and practice of
drawing. We explore multiple aspects of drawing-making, from experimental,
contemporary drawing practices to the exploration of anthropological aspects of line
In 2021, we collaborated with artists around the world on the project Signals,
exploring the impact that the new spatial and psychological circumstances enforced
by the pandemic had on mark-making. Showcasing the work of 30 international
artists working in the closed environment of the lockdown, drawing became an
embodied medium of communication, spontaneously capturing and reflecting
fragmentary “signs” of this era.
Drawing Tube is pleased to announce the launch of our second project, “Antennae”.
Morgan O’Hara, the artist well known for “LIVE TRANSMISSION,” describes her
drawing as being “like seismographs. In this sense, drawing doesn’t simply reflect a
methodology for the artist to create something, but it is also a means to receive
perceive and translate the ever-changing reality around them.
Turn your pencil upside down on the paper and put up your Antenna. Drawing Tube
is asking artists the following questions: How does drawing operate on a sensory
level in your work? What leads your responsive drawing process as you mark? How
does your mindset change after experiencing the work process? What role can
drawing have in helping you probe, mitigate, and possibly transcend current global
crises and environmental concerns?

Drawing Tube
A platform for alternative drawing research and practices.
Tokyo / Berlin / London /Baltimore

Hiraku Suzuki, Kazuki Nakahara, Tommaso Gorla, Nicole Lenzi

Morgan O’Hara pencil tips, 1998