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Signals – Publication

In the spring of 2020, Drawing Tube launched “Signalsin collaboration with artists working in different environments all over the world. It was interested in exploring what artists were thinking during the pandemic. Artists were encouraged to contribute small visual and textual fragments from their daily life that materialized from hand and eye movements as well as spontaneous thoughts.
Collectively, these become signals of this new era and a space to reconsider how drawing can work as a means to translate and perceive changing reality.

Artists: Kazuki Nakahara/ Dayana Lucas/ Tommaso Gorla/ Xu Jiong/ Takehito Koganezawa/ Ram Samocha/ Diana Sprenger and Euan Williams,/ Dy Tagowska/ Nina Roussière/ Sixte Kakinda/ Yvonne Andreini/ Anne Mundo/ Simona Soare/ Sohei Nishino/ Sandro Crisafi/ Daniele Girardi/ Vanessa Enríquez/ Gary Warner/ Kayleigh Jayne Harris/ Marina Ferretti / Utako Shindo/ Akari Fujise/ Rodrigo Garcia Dutra/ Jana Cordenier/ Joey Chin/ Monika Grzymala/ Giulia Cacciuttolo/ Nicole Lenzi/ Noriko Ambe/ Hiraku Suzuki

Published by Drawing Tube (Hiraku Suzuki, Kazuki Nakahara, Tommaso Gorla, Nicole Lenzi)
Text by Jan-Philipp Fruehsorge (Curator)
Price: 15 Euros (2000 JPN)
Size: 285x210mm (108 pages)
Japanese/English Printed by KOPA (Lithuania)
ISBN: 978-4-9909559-1-5

Book Launching Exhibition
Title of the exhibition: “Signals” Drawing Tube
Venue: NADiff a/p/a/r/t 1F (1-18-4 Ebisu, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo)
Terms of the exhibition: 7.7.2022 – 31.7.2022
Artists: Noriko Ambe/ Yvonne Andreini/ Vanessa Enríquez/ Akari Fujise/ Daniele Girardi/ Tommaso Gorla/ Monika Grzymala/ Xu Jiong/ Sixte Kakinda/ Takehito Koganezawa/ Nicole Lenzi/ Anne Mundo/ Kazuki Nakahara/ Sohei Nishino/ Utako Shindo/ Hiraku Suzuki/ Dy Tagowska/ Gary Warner