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Signals #09 Nina Roussière

Constellation of dragon (detail) 2020, photogram ©Nina Roussière

Nina Roussière
between the signs that I trace, what this intention imparts to me, what I impart in written form, and which defines calligraphy.
Between the instinct and the codes, the technique; escape from the codes of representation and interpretation by a protocol of constraints, by a process of displacement, in turn an extension of digital intelligence, contained emotion and the hand that does the drawing.
I experience drawing as a sensory experience, as a premonitory disfigured language.
I draw life lines, pathways, potentialities.
I place myself in a space where time no longer exists and where the lines that I draw trace a potential future, a positively-charged vibration that, in the sign, contains the power to shape.
And then there is the grace, the music of the lines between cosmos and the score, the notes and a constellation of strokes, infused with what is to come. Transformation and the relationship between each and every one.
I seek truth in the unadulterated gesture, in unadorned lines, simply the experience and intuition that cannot be generated by computer calculations where the matter and the incarnation of the line vanish!
Artificial intelligence must serve me as a constraint, as a language, an approach to the transmission of information that I take on-board as new parameters!
The instrument of painting, of drawing, felt in the imprint of a palpable stroke!
The memory of the gesture since the gesture of drawing is entwined with the history of humanity.
There is always a trace of what has been inscribed (palimpsest) in the reality of the drawing, you can’t cheat when it is inked, nor can you undo it with a ctrl-Z. There are always traces in our physical reality that witness a past or herald a future reality.

Nina Roussière
Lives and works in Sète, she has participated in many collective exhibitions in Occitania: RMCA Sérignan, 2014, MOCO La Panacée Montpellier, 2015, FRAC Montpellier, 2018. As well as in Paris, at DOC, 2018.
NR observe the intelligence systems and transcribe them manually through the drawing but in the
broadest sense, through photography, installation and traditional graphic means. She moves back and forth between technology and tradition, even archaic tools, returning to the origins of drawing or photography.
The drawing should be for her a way of writing, a language in which all the variations are constitutive of the whole structure.
Instagram: @ninaroussiere

Solo exhibition “Les traces du futur” is now on view at gallery chantiers BoîteNoire in Montpellier, France

Blurry future 2020 intissed textile, rise paper, graphite, charcoal ©Nina Roussière
When the wind blows in the distance of waves.. (detail) 2020 fiberglass, acrylic, brass tube ©Nina Roussière